independence vs interdependence

there’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing help. full stop.

that being said, my personal journey with how people positioned help was often seen as something done so that i would feel obligated or burdened.

or rather like a burden.

and that anytime someone helped me in some way, i owed them. so my journey and the alchemy that i have done required me to develop my work almost devoid of help, or devoid of community and my narrative took on this sort of independent nature i guess you could say.

and its not to say that one way is better than the other, and i think that in an ideal world, in a better world where i could have gotten support and resources, it would have been much better than if i had to do things on my own.

in fact, thats a big reason why i push for and want to create resources and support and networks and communities because i never felt like i had access to them.

i want people to know that it’s possible for them to make it on their own. but again, those things ride on different privileges that you do hav or getting really rewlly creative because you have to and struggling a lot snd doing things i personally wouldnt wish upon anybody else.

i want to create worlds where people dont have to suffer the same ways that i did or suffer in ways that other people have to. i dont want to recreate a world where we’ll continue to suffer. 

that’s a big part of why im here, is what i want to change in this world.

so i think theres nothing wrong with needing help. i think it’s natural and human and part of living—to depend on others and live in community. i dont think its possible to even exist without this sort of interdependency.

you have more non-human organisms helping you as an exist than your human cells. existence is a community effort, you know. 

independence is thus strange point of pride that doesnt really make sense or it doesnt exist in truth—because even when you are working alone—ideas come from different places. you were influenced by sounds, music, ideas, thoughts, fashions, stylizations, attitudes. everything exists within a context right?