on trans visibility and representation

im just thinking about how trans visibility is not the same thing as Not Only trans liberation, but that Visibility and representation in and of themselves are only harm reducing. they only “fight” in that way.

they aren’t inherently and completely transformative in that the work that needs to be done stops there. visibility is important because having that, whether it’s through visual reference or just having something—that which resonates with another person, whether it’s a young kid or an older person, that very particularly special feeling and energy that representation gives off—that work that it does is incredibly important. 

however, just because people see or understand transness on a more public and more visible level does not negate or erase the violence and oppression that happens to us. it does not eradicate or necessarily change the systems and the ways and the daily pain and struggle that trans people go through in living in a world that does not care about us outside of our being able to be monetized or sort of like garner social capital off our performance and existence in social spheres, whether it’s our daily dregging up every trauma, pain, always always sharing, always performing, always showing, always having to be vulnerable in these ways, right?

while that work is important, it’s not the only reason why we exist. it’s not the only reason why people should feel connected to or want to protect us.

so while visibility and representation, and while the work of being vulnerable and showing and showing and showing is important and helps other people feel seen, heard, understood, connected to, and related to, while that is important, the work does not stop there. and the work, as well, should not only be coming from our side.

thats what—i dont know. just what im thinking about today on this morning, Tuesday November 20th, 10:40a.m.

Candex Louie